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Upcoming Estate Sales

If you have purchased an item from our estate sales or would like to schedule a shopping time, please click the blue estate sale button above. REMINDER: Please bring mask, gloves and loading help. Stay safe and see you out there!

In case you missed it on our homepage, below are our upcoming estate sales!

Upcoming Estate Sales

Do You Need An Estate Sale?

If you are interested in having an estate sale, please contact us with any questions you might have. You can call our store directly during business hours 303-274-0235 or you can use the Contact Us page of our website. While each estate sale is unique, some of our more frequently asked questions are answered here.

Why should I choose Cobblestone Too! for an esate sale?

There are many companies out there to assist you with an estate sale or estate buyout needs and in fact, we encourage you to get multiple bids for your estate sale. The simple truth is that none of them have the experience that Cobblestone Too! has - our leadership has a combined nearly 60 years of selling antiques, art, collectibles and used goods. In addition, Cobblestone Too! has had their physical store location for over 20 years so you will always know where to find us and we have been a part of the community we serve for decades. Our customer base is extensive, dedicated and we will readily offer references of our past sales and performance if you inquire. Other companies may claim to be better, some may even closely resemble Cobblestone or say that they learned all they know from us - but we are the original and no one runs an estate sale like Cobblestone. We will earn more for your estate than any other company out there. Compare it for yourself.

What is an Estate Sale?

Estate Sales are a way of liquidating the entirety of one's estate at a sale - all their personal belongings - often after a major life change (death, moving out of country and the like). They consist of a sale at the home or premises for about three to four days, longer if necessary, and are often patronized by thousands of people over a weekend. Our sales are generally patronized by 4,000 to 6,000 people over the course of a 4 day sale - more if the sale runs longer.

Why should I have an estate sale?

Dealing with the remnants of an estate can be difficult. Often times you have an entire house full of furniture, knick knacks even food to deal with. Rather than dealing with it alone, an estate sale allows you to have thousands of people come in and help to carry away the goods from the estate...while they pay for it! It truly is the best way to get money for your estate.

Estate Sales always result in more money to the estate than other alternatives such as a buyout or donation. Often times estate sales can often be concluded with a buyout or donation which will result in even more money to the estate. We will make sure to get as much money for the estate as we can and an estate sale is really the best way to do it.

Can I have an estate sale?

Estate sales are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. An estate sale cannot be held for a few pieces of furniture or collectibles, we need an entire house of goods to host a sale. If you're interested in having a sale, we will be happy to come to your location and let you know if we can have a sale for you.

What should I do to get ready for an estate sale?

First off, DON'T THROW ANYTHING AWAY! We cannot stress this enough. What you may discard could potentially be a lot of money to your estate. This includes; spices in the cupboards, pots and pans, raw lumber or materials, empty bottles or used greeting cards. Believe it or not, these things will sell and can often make you hundreds of dollars. We will handle the sale from setup to teardown, just leave the house as it is.

What should I expect from an estate sale?

You can expect a large crowd of customers to come to your house during the sale and to shop directly from the estate. If your home is for sale, you can often expect offers on your home during the course of the sale. In fact, we have sold 80% of the last 10 homes we have had sales in. You can also expect questions on selling just about everything in your home - light fixtures, drapery, appliances...even rocks in ladnscaping! We will cover all of this with you during our initial interview and evaluation of your estate sale.

On the negative side, estate sales do bring a consdirable amount of traffic through the home, so please expect to clean your carpets - especially if your sales falls on a weekend with poor weather.

What about personal items? Can I keep them?

We would ALWAYS advocate that if you have a personal heirloom you're unsure about keeping, please keep it. It is easy to sell an item, it is near impossible to get it back. Before you call us, make sure to have all family members clearly identify (and remove if possible) all items they wish to keep. This will greatly help us in evaluating your ability to have an estate sale.

If we find personal items during setup such as bank statements, personal documents or the like we always set those aside for the family. Those kinds of things are not for the public eye and will be handled delicately for the estate.

What about expensive items (Jewelry, Cars, Firearms)? Should I sell them? Will I get enough money for them?

We can and have sold very high-end items at our estate sales, from rare classic cars to original artwork to several-carat diamond rings. We have appraisers and researchers on staff along with jewelry evaluators to price items of such quality. Often times we have earned clients over appraisal values on rare or unique items. Let us evaluate your high-end items and give you a fair estimate on what we think they can bring. The final decision rests with you of whether or not to include these kinds of items in your sale but such decisions should be made before estate contracts are signed. In addition, our percentages are usually reduced on rare items or vehicles and we will discuss with you on what we can do to sell them for you.

How much will an estate sale cost me?

The short answer to that is nothing. We charge a percentage of the complete sale and our percentage covers the following;

Our percentages for sales vary and will be discussed during the evaluation with you. It is important for us to do a great job for you because our commission is percentage based...the more we make for you, the more we make for us!

Can I price the estate or objects in the estate?

We have been in the antique and used furniture business for nearly 42 years. It is our experience that while people may feel an object is worth a certain price, the market value is often far from the asking price. It is best to let us price the entire estate far you and handle the sale as best we can. If we ask too much for your estate items, they will not sell. We will quote you an estimated dollar range for your sale and as long as we hit between those marks, the prices we ask are irrelevant.

However, if there are certain items that you wish to place a reserve on, we can certainly make that happen. We prefer reserves be placed on very few select items in the estate and that those items be worthy of a reserve; silver sets, unique peices, expensive jewelry etc. Ask us about these items during the evaluation.

If there are any other questions or concerns, please use the Contact Us page or call us at 303-274-0235 anytime during business hours. Thanks for visiting!